H. Roerich name Award for the year 2012


    H. Roerich name Charitable Foundation awarded laureate of the prize of E.i. Roerich year 2012 for Member of the Board of MKSNR, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Minister of culture of the Russian Federation (2008-2012), A.a. Audzeeu Award for contribution to the protection of the heritage of the Roerichs».

    In response, A.a. Avdeyev gratefully said:

    "I'm thrilled for me this unexpected awarding
    is a great honour. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which I had worked all my life and continue to work, always aware of the importance and global significance of the case. Will support the Museum's efforts to continue. For me is not only the prize, but also the possibility of sustainable trudompomogat' Museum, which aims at the preservation of heritage and monuments. Communication and cultural diplomacy, diplomacy and monuments already incarnates and lives in the next generations. Heartily grateful for the award and will justify their active participation in your move. "

    The monetary portion of the premium Aa Avdeyev handed to the Committee for the preservation of the heritage of the Roerichs.